Jonnathan Zin Truong is the pastor at God Manifest Church in Houston, Texas. He was born in New Jersey and raised in Houston by his Buddhist parents, immigrants from Vietnam. He remained Buddhist for the first twenty-three years of his life until he experienced a radical encounter with God while he was in college and minutes from taking his own life.

Jonnathan’s upbringing was one which was full of extreme violence. He and his brother are survivors of severe physical, psychological, and emotional abuse. To escape his painful childhood, he found solace by diving deep into Buddhism. In fact, he dove so deep into the religion, that many Buddhist monks believed him to potentially be a reincarnated Buddha, which was prophesied about in Tibet. However, Jonnathan’s life was flipped upside-down while in his senior year of college. As his home life, social life, and school life were falling apart, Jonnathan sought additional comforts to escape his world by turning to drugs, alcohol, extreme partying, and fornication. However, one afternoon, as Jonnathan cried out to God for the first time while making his way towards his father’s pistol to end his life, God spoke audibly to two unsuspecting young women as they drove by his house, after leaving a bible study. “Stop the car,” God’s voice rang out in the red sedan. “There is a little boy in the brown house to your right who has questions. Go tell him that all the answers he seeks are in the bible and only the bible.”

Ironically, the woman heard God’s voice, just after Jonnathan prayed, “God, I know you’re there. I’m sorry I never listened to your voice. If you hear me, please answer. I have questions that need answers.”

The two young frightened women did exactly as “the voice” instructed. They knocked on the door, as Jonnathan was literally a few feet from his father’s gun, and Jonnathan’s mother answered the door. His mother called out to Jonnathan that two girls, whom she assumed where his friends, were at the door. A few minutes later, Jonnathan opened the door to find these two women staring fearfully at him…

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